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    We are Scotland's only 24 hour animal welfare organisation

    Leave a legacy

    Leave a Legacy

    Scottish Animal Welfare receive no government or lottery funding, we rely solely on the generosity of the kind hearted public.

    By leaving us a gift in your will, it will enable us to continue the vital work we do.  With your gift you can help us make a difference and contribute to the advancement of animal welfare in Scotland.  

    Your gift will allow us to continue our dedication to the rehabilitation and rehoming and release of injured, abandoned and unwanted and orphaned animals - wild and domestic.  Your gift doesn't stop there, it will also help our Inspectors investigate allegations of cruelty, neglect and wrongdoing towards Scotland’s animals and help bring those responsible to justice.

    Remember, our staff are volunteers and all money received goes directly to helping Scotland’s animals.  

    We are Scotland’s only 24 hour animal welfare organisation.

    If you would like more information on leaving a legacy, please select the contact us tab at the top of this page and our member relations staff will be happy to help you.

    For every pound received, 100% is spent on actual animal welfare.  

    This means the rescue, care and rehabilitation of the animals - not executive staff salaries!

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